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31st December


The biggest night of the year
Dublin, Ireland

NYE Dublin

There are plenty of important events throughout the calendar, but none bigger than New Year’s Eve, and NYE Dublin is a spectacle. There are very few places in the world more impressive than the Irish capital on the last day of the year, and you need to see it to believe it. From parties to concerts, events and fireworks, there is so much to enjoy. So how do you even begin your planning? That is where we come in.

It’s in our name, and is all about New Year and celebrating at the best Dublin pubs. We’re here to help you plan for the biggest night of the year, attend the best events and create memories to last a lifetime. Above all else, we help you to bag a bargain. New Year celebrations are renowned for being expensive, but they don’t have to be.

Not only will we point you in the direction of the hottest spots to see in the New Year, but we will make the big night affordable for you too.

On you will find:

  • What to do on New Year’s Eve in Dublin
  • Lists of the best events and places to go
  • Affordable options for smaller budgets
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NYE Dublin - What's The Fuss About?

It’s true, New Year Dublin is a big deal, but why? When you could be anywhere in the world, why here? Aside from having some of the best nightlife, the famous Irish charm plays a huge part. Unlike many other capital cities, Dublin is renowned for its laid back atmosphere and friendliness.

That’s exactly why so many people choose to enjoy the New Year’s countdown in our city. You can celebrate in style but a relaxed and Bohemian environment. Each year, thousands flock to Dublin over the festive season, and many of them head to the best places in town.

ultimate dublin new years eve party

The Ultimate Dublin New Years Eve Party

Some prefer to host the party themselves, but nothing quite matches the glitz and glamour of an event at a club or bar in the city. Not only is it great to have the hard work done for you, but you can also enjoy the best quality drinks and dance the night away with a top DJ.

You won’t be surprised to hear that New Year’s Eve in Dublin is an absolute sell-out, and if you don’t plan, you will miss out. It would be best if you thought of where you want to celebrate long before December even starts, and using our site is the best way to do it.

The New Year Festival

NYE Dublin is such a big deal that it isn’t considered a night, but an entire festival. The New Year Festival begins after Christmas and ends when the clock strikes midnight on January the first. You can attend concerts, parties and events in the run-up to the big night, helping you to really get into the mood.

Whether you’re in it for the whole thing, or just for New Year’s Eve itself, NYE Dublin is spectacular, and we would highly recommend our great city for your celebrations. You can go big and have a lavish experience or something modest; you will love it either way. Don’t forget about the options for Chinese New Year too!

ultimate dublin new years eve party

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need tickets for the New Year Festival Dublin main event. They cost 36.90, and this includes performances from top musicians and a night you won’t forget. Tickets can be purchased on the official website.

There and hundreds of different events and parties taking place during NYE Dublin. Which is the best will depend on what you’re looking for. Our site is here to give you all of the information you need to decide.

Dublin is a beautiful city, with so much to see and do. The Irish are friendly, accommodating and know how to have a good time. This is exactly why you should have your New Years countdown in Dublin.