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Temple Bar Dublin

Here’s What Puts Temple Bar Dublin On The Map

If you are visiting Dublin for the first time, one thing you will notice is all the pubs. Stopping by the pub for a drink in the evening and on the weekend is a big part of Irish culture. With more than 750 Dublin pubs to choose from, you cannot go thirsty in this vibrant city.

Why A Drink At Dublin’s Temple Bar Is A Must

While there are rows of pubs in Dublin, a drink at Temple Bar will be one to remember. The pub is ideally located on the south bank of the River Liffey in the central part of the city. Its ideal location puts it at the centre of the city’s nightlife. This pub is also much loved for its vast collection of whiskey which is the largest in the country. As you sip on the drink of your choice, you can also listen to live music which is played every single day.

What’s a pub without some grub? The Temple Bar menu is as diverse as the whiskey collection. Enjoy a gourmet sandwich, a plate of seafood, a crunchy salad or a platter of different kinds of cheese, Irish meat or antipasti. You can also snack on a bowl of olives, chilli nuts or bar crisps.

Let Everyone Know You Were There

Let the world know you were there with branded merchandise from Temple Bar Dublin. Get a high-quality t-shirt, hoodie or cap or get a friend a gift voucher. It is a gift that will keep giving with happy memories all around. Knitwear, homeware like blankets, jewellery and Guinness-branded clothing and souvenirs are also available.

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